NA, RR 10/31/1864

Report of Operations of Commission for Collecting and Distributing R. Rd. Iron for the month October 1864
Spratt  Callahan have been engaged with mechanics & negro force, in getting crossties, building pile bridges, loading iron on cars, and laying track on Lawton & Live Oak Railroad from Lawton Georgia to Florida line -- distance laid twenty six miles; and from Live Oak Florida northward, distance laid six miles; and in getting timber, excavating foundations and revetments for bridge over Suwanee river on said Road and in ??? superstructure of said bridge 
Another force of impressed negroes under superintendence of J. H. Burns Agent, employed in completing grading on Lawton & Live Oak R. Rd & in assisting in relaying track of Fla., Atlantic & Gulf Central R. Rd. near Baldwin Fla. preparatory to resuming the removal of iron from the Florida Road, upon which they were previously engaged.
A. L. Maxwell Contractor, with a force of detailed mechanics and hired negroes, employed in placing cribs for two piers Tombigbee bridge, filling and riprapping same with stone, framing crib for draw pier, framing pier, cutting and hauling timber and operating two saw mills sawing lumber for the bridge. 
Agents employed in general business of the Commission
Assistance Engineers on work of construction of Lawton & Live Oak Road, laying track from either end, and bridge over Suwanee river.

Probable Operations for the Month of November 1864

Force of hired men and negroes, employed in finishing track near Baldwin and taking up iron from Florida Road and transporting to Live Oak.
Spratt & Callahan, contractors, with their force will be employed in completing Suwanee bridge and laying track to Georgia line.
A. L. Maxwell Contractor, with his force will be employed in completing crib work of draw pier and placing it and rerapping, & sawing lumber and framing bridge.
Minor Meriwether
Lt Col Engineers