NA, RRB 7/5A/1864

Columbus Miss
July 5th 1864
Col. F. W. Sims
Chief Rail Road Bureau
Richmond Va.
   I am this day in receipt of Special Order No 122 dated Adjt & Inspec Genls office Richmond May 16th 1864, ordering me to report to you for the duty of Superintending & controlling Govt Transportation on the Rail Roads West of the Ala River.
   I will be well enough by the 15th of this month to return to Meridian & will be ready to obey any and all orders & instructions you may wish to give.
   While in Mobile last Spring I found it necessary to interfere somewhat with transportation matters there in regard to the Mobile & Gt Nortn R Road. I found that there was a great preference to run its boats over the Rail Road, & I have ??? & I hope have rectified the matter ????? as if ????? acting under the orders of Lieut Genl Polk but as I ????? I will ??? the order just received. My duty will be strictly with the Rail Roads west & no'r west of the Ala River. 
   Another matter which I wish to trouble you with. It is this. It is necessary for me to travel a great deal at least one half of my time, & while my pay is say $5 per day my hotel bills will be $15 a night three or four times my pay. The travelling costs the Govt nothing as I am passed over all the Rail Roads free of charge either to myself or the Govt. Cannot I be paid my actual expenses while travelling on Govt business. My expenses have been more than double my pay many months since I have been on Rail Road duty. If there has been no order issued on this subject there certainly should be one.
   If you should think it best for me to report to you in person please notify me. I would like to know your views fully on the subject of Rail Roads & Rail Road transportation in Gen. While acting under the orders of Gen Johnston & Gen Polk I not only took a General supervision of Rail Road but of Quarter Masters & others ????? was to issue transportation & ????? of knowing that Mobile ????? at some ??? time show you my correspondence with Rail Road Superintendents & Qr Masters on the subject of Govt transportation.
   It will be necessary that I should have an order from you ????? at Richmond or Head Qrs of this Department to focus ??? at anytime throughout the limits of the Department. I had such orders from Gen Johnston & Polk & I presume I will have no difficulty obtaining them from Gen Lee.
   Please excuse this ??? letter. When I get regularly to work will only write to the point & in a few words.
Hoping to hear from you soon
I am
Very Respectfully
Your obdt Servt
Geo. Whitfield
Maj & QM
   The ??? order from Richmond referred to within ?????