NA, RRB 6/15/1864

Meridian Miss
June 15th 1864
Hon J. A. Seddon
Sect of War
   I have the honor to respectfully request to be promoted to the rank of Captain & Assistant Quarter Master as I have been discharging the duties of Qr Master for the past Nine Months, and only having the appointment of Transportation Agt.
   My age is (26) twenty six years and I am a resident of Lafayette County State of Missouri.
I am Sir
Very Respectfully
Your Most Obt Sevt
E. V. Early
Transpt Agt
C. S. A.
{on back of document}
Office Chf Qr Master
Dept Ala Miss & E La
Meridian Miss
June 15/64
   I cheerfully recommend the within application for promotion for no officer in the Dept has been more efficient in discharging their duties or is more worthy of promotion. E. V. Early as a Transportation Agent has discharged his duties faithfully and has promptly dispatched troops or freight from this place at all times when called upon for transportation.
Jno W Young
Maj & Actg Chf QM
Office Chief QM
Meridian June 16/64
   I willingly send on this application and concur on Maj Young's recommendation.
Thos Peters
Maj & Chf QM
Hd Qrs Dept Ala Miss & E La
Meridian June 16 1864
V Respectfully forwarded
S D Lee
Maj Genl
To Q M Genl
For inquiry ad consideration to your command
20 July 64
J A Seddon
Sec War
Q. M. Gen's Office
July 21, 1864
Respectfully returned to the Hon Secy of War. In view of the fact that there will be at an early day a number of officers of this Department available for assignment, I am not prepared to recommend this appointment.
A R Lawton
Q. M. Gen