NA, RRB 6/13/1864

Special Requisition
1864   Dollars Cents

For Two Hundred (200) Letter Envelopes

   I certify that the above Requisition is correct; and that the articles specified are absolutely requisite for the public service, rendered so by the following circumstances:
   For the use of the Transportation Office at this Post.
E. V. Early
Transt Agt C. S. A.
   Capt J F Pennington Quartermaster C. S. Army, will issue the articles specified in the above requisition.
Geo W Saw ???
   Received at Meridian, the 13 day of June 1864, of Capt J F Pennington Depot Quartermaster C. S. Army Two Hundred Letter Envelopes, in full of the above requisition.
E V Early
Transt Agt C. S. A.