NA, RRB 4/14C/1862

The Confederate States

To Zachariah Shirley


Date of Purchase

  Dollars Cts
Apl 14 Four Wagon 120 --
  Impressed property paid for by Govt Decm 1862 the "date of purchase" in the margin of a/c appended being the date on which the Government ceased to pay hire on the property as therefore assumed as the correct date of purchase.  Thos R Sharp Capt & AQM    


120 --
   I certify that the above account is correct and just; the articles are to be, or have been accounted for on my property return for the 2d quarter ending on the 30 day of Decr 1862.
Thos R Sharp Quartermaster
   Received at Mt. Jackson the 30 day of Decr 1862 of Capt Thos R Sharp Asst Quartermaster C. S. Army, the sum of One hundred & twenty dollars and --- cents, in full of the above account.
Zachariah Shirley