NA, RRB 3/8F/1862

The Confederate States

To A R Rude


Date of Purchase 1862

  Dollars Cts
Mch 8 For 4 Sets Harness    25.00 100 00
     "  1 Wagon 175 00


275 00
   I certify that the above account is correct and just, and that the articles have been accounted for on my Property Return for the quarter ending on the 31 day of December 1862
Thos R Sharp Quartermaster
   Received at Mt. Jackson the 31 day of Dec 1862 of Capt Thos R Sharp Asst Quartermaster C. S. Army, the sun of Two hundred & seventh five Dollars and --- Cents, in full of the above account.
A. R. Rude
   Impressed Property paid for by Government Dec 1862. The "date of purchase" in the margin of a/c appended being the date on which the Government ceased to pay hire on the property, is therefore assumed as the correct date of purchase.
Thos R Sharp Capt & AQM