NA, RRB 3/31H/1863

The Confederate States
To Wm M. Morisson
 Mch 31 For the actual expense of his transportation while traveling under orders in the discharge of his duties as Clerk and agent for Capt Thos R. Sharp A. Q. M. settling outstanding claims in the Valley of Virginia  from Jany 1, 1863 to March 31, 1863 280 50
   I certify on honor, that Wm M. Morisson was during the time above specified employed as a clerk and agent in the Quartermasters Department C. S. Army and that the journey charged for in the above account were performed by him in the discharge of his official duties under orders of the Quartermaster General.
Thos R Sharp Capt & A. Q. M
Shenandoah County SS
   On this 10 day of June 1863 personally appeared before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for said county Wm M. Morisson and made oath in due form of law that the above account is correct and just and exhibit the actual expenses of his transportation for and during the time above specified.
G. S. Horowitz(?) J. P.
   Received at Raleigh the 30 of June 1863  of Capt Thos R. Sharp Asst Quartermaster C. S. Army, Two hundred & eighty dollars and fifty cents in full of the above account.
Wm M. Morisson