NA, RRB 3/25A/1862

The Confederate States

To Wm M Seibert


Date of Purchase

  Dollars Cents
   1862 For the following Articles:    
March 25 For 270 Bus Corn       .80 216 00
   "     "    "  7566 lbs Hay       1.00 75 66
    $291 66
   I certify that the above account is correct and just; the articles are to be, or have been accounted for on my property return for the first quarter ending on the 31 day of March 1862.
Thos R Sharp A Quartermaster
   Received at Richmond Va the 24 day of Apl 1862 of Larkin Smith A Quartermaster Genl C. S. Army, the sum of Two hundred & ninety one dollars and sixty six cents, in full of the above account.
Wm M. Seibert