NA, RRB 2/20/1863

Received Raleigh February 20, 1863 of Captain Thos R. Sharp, A. Q. M. the following articles:
Five pounds Tin Rivets
Five pounds Iron Rivets
Four pounds Lamp Wick
One hundred pounds White Lead
Fourteen panes Window Glass 20x26
Twenty panes Do Do 14x18
Thirty six panes Do Do   4x14
Thirty five panes Do Do   8x10
Forty one panes Do Do 11x16
Twenty two panes Do Do 12x6
Fifty one pounds Chalk
Thirty two gross (Wood) Screws
Three gross Brass Screws
Six Pad Locks
Three Stock Locks
Twelve Carpenters Pencils
One pound Copr Belt Rivets
Twenty pounds Sheet Copper
Fifteen hundred and seventy eight pounds Square Iron
Ten hundred and forty nine pounds Hammered Iron
Two hundred and thirty six pounds Spring Steel
Five hundred and ninety one pounds Tallow
Fifteen pounds Spring Steel
Twelve Sledge Handles
One Iron Car (B&O No 546)
One Locomotive Engine "Job Terry" & Tender
One        Do            Do  "No. 126" & Tender
Ninety six 1978/2240 Tons R R Iron
Nineteen pounds Angle Iron   Wrot Iron
Two Lathe Brushes
Two Grate Bars  135 pounds
Four Blocks  1/8 in  1/12 in  1/10 in  1/15 in
One hundred and fifty two pounds 9 in Rope
Forty two pounds 3 in Rope
Four pounds 2 1/4 in Rope
One Grindstone  1364 lbs
Two Hydraulic Jacks
Two Wooden bottom Jacks
Four Vices  419 lbs
Fifty pounds Blister Steel
Twenty six pounds Cast Steel
Two Anvils   573 lbs
Forty quires Sand Paper
Four Black Lead Aneibles
Thirty two Paint Brushes
One hundred and nineteen pounds Washers
One hundred and forty five pounds Nuts
Four Gum Brackets
Twenty two Tin Lamps
Twelve and one quarter pounds Patent Black
Twenty four pounds Chrome Green
Ten pounds Yellow Ochre
Ten pounds American Vermillion
Eight pounds Burnt Amber
Two pounds Chrome Yellow
Four pounds Burnt Sienna
One and one half quires Emery Paper
Forty eight papers Brads
Twenty five pounds Finishing Nails
One Spring Balance
Four pounds Borax
Twenty five pounds Babbitt Metal
One hundred and seventy two and one half square feet Wire Cloth
Seventy four and eight twelfths ft galvd Iron Pipe 202 lbs
Nineteen (19) Flat Bastard Files  4/13 in  6/10 in  4/12 in  3/9 in  2/7 in
Seven Smooth Files  1/16 in  2/14 in  4/10 in
Seven half round Files  2/12 in  1/14 in  4/6 in
Four round Files  2/8 in  2/12 in
Six threesquare Files  14 in
Fifteen hand saw Files
Seventy Bolt Hooks
Twenty thousand and three hundred lbs Rail    9 1140/2240 Tones
Fifty pairs 32 in Car Wheels & Axles (2nd class)
One pattern for Engine Brasses  "Bragg"
One Centerplate pattern for Engine "R R Dickenson"
Seven pounds Glue
Eleven pairs 32 in Wheels & Axles
Thirty nine pairs 30 in Do  "  Do
Three hundred & twenty four pounds Cast Iron   Scrap
Signed Duplicates
F. W. Sims
Capt & A. A. G.