NA, RRB 1/22/1863

The Confederate States
To S. D. Wallace
1863   Dollars Cents
Jan 22 Services as Transpn Agent at Wilmington N. C. from 1st Oct 1862 to Jan 21 1863, inclusive    
  @ $83 1/3 pr month 308 38
    $308 38
   I certify, on honor, that the above account is correct & just; that the services were rendered as stated; and that they were necessary for the public service.
ordered paid by Qr Mr General
   Received at Wilmington N. C. the 12 day of March 1863 of Capt C. W. Styron, A. Q. M. C. S. Army, the sum of Three hundred & eight dollars and thirty eight cents, in full of the above account.
S D Wallace