NA, RRB 1/17/1862

Mobile 17 Jany 1862
Capt. H. Olandowski
Ch'f of Ordnance Dept Ala & West Fla
   I regret exceedingly to state to you that I shall be unable to forward any your coni?yers with chassis before Monday next. At that time 2 . 32 Pdr coni?gen with chassis will go forward.
   At this time I have 4 coni?yers and 2 chassis finished with the exception of the machine ??? turning off and boring out the wheels and Razzers.
   This part of the work goes on very slow as I have only two lathes that the Rail Road company {Mobile & Ohio RR} will allow me to use, their own work requires the balance. However today I have made arrangements with the Master Machinist of the Rail Road Co to work 2 1/2 hours every night, which will make one machine work one quarter more effective. ***
Very respectfully yr obt servt
J. W. Goodwin
Supt Whistler Arsenal