NA, QM 6/6A/1864

Quarter Master General's Department
Richmond, June 6th 1864
Capt. Charles M. Williams
Enterprise, Miss.
   In reply to your letter of April 1st 1864 stating that you are engaged in repairs of the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road, and asking to be allowed to pay your detailed men $3.00 per day, while so engaged, instead of $1.25 per day, I have to state, that the amount Secretary of War has decided that detailed men in the field, in the Commissary Department may be paid $1.25 per day with rations, and clothing, besides monthly pay, and until further orders, this decision is adopted by this Department in regard to its detailed men in the Field, by which you can be governed. The matter is now before Congress for further legislation of which you will be duly apprised.
A. R. Lawton, Q. M. Genl.