NA, QM 6/12/1863

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond June 12, 1863
Major J. L. Bransferd
Chattanooga, Tenn.
   There seems to be a conflict in the statements of facts presented in regard to the engine transferred to the Memphis & Charleston Rail Road, for the value of which you hold a draft against that Company, to be collected in the adjustment of its accounts.
   If by competent authority, the engine has been taken away from that Road, of course it would not be just that it should be required to pay for what it has not been permitted to retain. If on the other hand, it has made an exchange with the Nashville & Chattanooga Rail Road, the whole affair must be adjusted by these two companies between themselves.
   With the conflict between the statements of Mr. Tate and Mr. Cole, this office is not competent to give any specific instructions; but it is not perceived how thee can be any difficulty in your ascertaining with precision what are the real facts of the case.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.