NA, QM 6/1/1863

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond, June 1, 1863
Dr. G. G. Griffin
Prest. Miss. R. R. R.  {President, Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
Demopolis, Ala.
   Your letter of the 22d ultimo has been received.
   The contract between your company and the President of the N. E. & S. W. Rail Road not having been satisfied, the lease is, I infer, at an end. It appears, however, from your statement, that the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Rail Road Company is still in possession of and running the N. E. & S. W. {Northeast & Southwest Alabama} Road.
   Under these circumstances I deem it my duty to notify you, formally, that the Government expects that the compensation for this occupancy of the N. E. & S. W. Road will not be paid over to its authorities, but that it will be held by you to be paid on account for the Governments claim for reimbursement of the sum advanced by it, as stated in my former letter to your on this subject.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.