NA, QM 4/4/1862

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond 4th Apl 1862
Samuel Tate, Esq
Prest Memphis & Charleston R. Road
Memphis, Tenn.
   The rolling mills at Atlanta and Etowah, engaged in filling important contracts with the Government, are much embarrassed by the detention of Coal trains on the N. & Chattanooga {Nashville & Chattanooga RR} or the Memphis & Charleston roads. Supply of this essential article is required constantly, and the public interest demands that the cause of its interruption should be promptly removed. All such trains are forwarded without detention on the Western & Atlantic Road, and the delay must occur, as above stated, on the other roads beyond Chattanooga. 
   I have, therefore, to request that you will give the subject immediate attention, and have every possible arrangement made to secure to these mills an uninterrupted supply of coal.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.