NA, QM 3/20/1863

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond, March 20th 1863
Maj. J. F. Winnemore
Quarter Master
Augusta, Geo.
   I am informed by Colonel Wadley that under an arrangement recently had with the Rail Road Companies between Augusta and Montgomery, that the lower line {Augusta & Savannah, Central (of Georgia), South Western, Muscogee, and Montgomery & West Point RRs} has obligated itself to transport freight at the usual rate, estimating the length thereof as 346 miles -- the exact length of the upper line {Georgia, Atlanta & West Point, and Montgomery & West Point RRs}; and he further suggests that some of the public freight should be sent that way.
   I therefore call the matter to your attention, that you may make a proper distribution of freight between the two lines; and if to accomplish that, you find it necessary to communicate with any officer of this Department, you will do so. The office at Montgomery is duly advised.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.