NA, QM 3/18A/1863

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond, March 18th 1863
Major J. L. Calhoun
Quarter Master 
Montgomery, Ala.
   I herewith enclose you a copy of a list of articles of Rail Road materials seized {from the Alabama & Florida (of Florida)} by Samuel Tate, Esqr. Military Superintendent of Rail Roads by order of General Bragg, and applied to the use of the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Rail Road Company, amounting to $106,208.75 -- and for which that Company desires to pay.
   You will therefore inform the President of that Road that you are authorized to receive from him the sum above indicated -- and for which you will account in your account current as received from that road, so that in the settlement with the parties from whom the property has been taken, the Government may know which Companies have paid for the property thus purchased by them.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.