NA, QM 3/18/1863

Quartermaster General's Department
Richmond, March 18th 1863
Mr. C. Jordan, Jr.
Supt Mobile & Great N. R. R.  {Superintendent, Mobile & Great Northern RR}  
Mobile, Ala.
   Upon the receipt of your letter of the 14th of February, I called upon Major Le Baron for a report.
   He states that for special reasons no sugar is sent by your road; but that as to other supplies, he forwards a fair proportion by it. I do not regard the Rail Road Conventions as binding the Government to send all of its freight by the Companies whose offer of rates may be accepted. It may be that the capacity of the Road would be frequently over taxed; and it is certainly desirable, at all times, to save the wear and tear of our Roads and their rolling stock, by availing, when it is practicable, of River Navigation.
A. C. Myers, Q. M. Genl.