NA, QM 12/24/1864

Quartermaster General's Department
Dec. 24th 1864
P. Hamilton Prest. Pro Tem  {President, Mobile & Ohio RR}
Mobile & Ohio RR Co.
   Your letter forwarded through the Hon. J. S. Dickinson in regard to payment of accounts of your Rail Road has been received. I beg leave to say in reply that every exertion has been made by this Bureau to place funds in the hands of the proper officers to meet the claims by Rail Road companies against it. The difficulty has been in obtaining money from the Treasury. This Bureau is well aware of the necessities of your rail Road and has forwarded funds for settlement of its indebtedness as fast as it has been received. A good deal has been sent since the date of your letter which it is hoped will be sufficient to assist the Rail Road Companies to such extent as will enable them to go on till more is sent.
{No signature in the copy book}