NA, QM 10/22/1864

Quartermaster General's Department
Oct. 22nd 1864
Maj. E. H. Harris
Montgomery, Ala.
   Maj. J. S. Bransford QM Army of Tenn., has reported, that delay of 24 hours occurs at Montgomery between the arrival of Freight trains, in which the bulk of the soldiers are transported & the departure of the Boat for Selma. Also on the {Atlanta &} West Point Road that the Freight train stops 9 hours coming west at West Point, & eight hours at Macon in coming from Griffin. I am instructed by the QMGenl, to call your attention to this complaint & to instruct you to investigate & remedy such defects as early as possible by forming close connections. 
   I am also instructed to inform you that great delays occur as it is reported on the Ala. & Tenn. River R. R. for want of supply of water, this should be remedied at once.
Ch. Morris, Capt. & for QMG