NA, QMR 9/1A/1863

Wilmington N. C., September 1, 1863
Enclosing letter from Maj Sims relating to Rail Road &c, wishes to purchase an Engine from Govt to run on Branch of Tarboro Road  {Tarboro Road was a 26 mile branch of the Wilmington & Weldon RR}
S. L. Fremont  Supt W&W RR  {Wilmington & Weldon RR}
Refd to Maj Sims for report. Has he any thing to suggest in addition to his letter enclosed within
A R Lawton  QM Genl
Retd to QM Genl with Maj Sims report.
Sept 11/63
Respy retd to Qr Mr Genl. This engine would be of considerable advantage in ??ting grain from Tarboro and the W&W RR needs it. But the Piedmont road will soon be completed where we shall need every Engine and Car that can be ??ted & then we will fall far short of giving a comfortable working outfit. There is but one remedy & that is to make the Piedmont road of 5 foot gauge and this can only be done by making it a military necessity which I consider in the highest degree. The law of No Ca establishes the gauge of 4' 8 1/2" in that state & the legislature refused to alter it when asked to do so.
F. W. Sims Maj & QM
Respy submitted to the Secty of War. The suggestion of Maj Sims is important and the attention of the Secretary is requested to the statement he presents. It is manifest that during the war the Piedmont Road even when completed will be comparatively useless unless its gauge be changed because it will be impossible to procure an outfit of rolling stock for a 4' 8 1/2" gauge Road.
A R Lawton  QM Genl
Sept 12/63
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register