NA, QMR 9/10/1862

Richmond Va
September 10th 1862
Asking that rations for 1000 men for twenty days be sent to Warrenton {Orange & Alexandria RR}
Surgeon General
Office of CGS. Richmond Va Sept. 10, 1862. Major Claiborne reports that the Rail Road Co will not make themselves responsible to the safe transit of the within articles and as there is no available officer or agent of this Dept here by whom the much needed articles can be sent, it is respectfully recommended that the Qr Master Genl designate some one to take charge of and see to the prompt delivery, receiving the stores from Major Claiborne. S B Northrop Comsy Genl.
I have no one to designate. An agent of the Subsistence Dept will be furnished transportation with the supplies. Respectfully returned to the Comsy General. A C Myers Q M Genl
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register