NA, QMR 8/20A/1863

August 20, 1863
Correspondence with the Directors {&} Genl Super of the Orange & A RR {Orange & Alexandria RR} in reference to the transportation of fuel to Charlottesville and proposal of Flanigan & Abel to furnish 2000 cords of wood on line of rail road.
Maj. F. W. Sims  {I believe the entry is incorrect and it should be from the Secretary of War}
Qr Mr Genls office  Aug 28/63
The necessity of the hospitals at Charlottesville make it important to secure a supply of wood at that point. The within papers are referred to Major Sims to report upon expeditiously of building a turnout at the point indicated or that he may take such other actions as may be necessary to provide the transportation required.
A R Lawton  QM Genl
Retd to QM Genl with report of Maj Sims
Sept 23/63
Resply referred to Maj Sims for his examination. It seems that the wood required at Charlottesville cannot be furnished by hauling with wagons. The RR Transportation is probably the only means by which the hospitals &c can be supplied during the winter. His views in regard to the propriety of constructing "the switch" are regretted upon a reconsideration of Capt Iwrin's application with the endorsement of Maj Cole.
A R Lawton QM Genl
Oct 16/63
Retd to QM Genl with Maj Sims report Oct 23/63
Maj Sims recommendation is approved & he will direct the switch to be constructed.
A R Lawton  QM Genl
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register