NA, QMR 8/13/1863

Richmond Va., August 13, 1863  {Original letter not identified. This is the date of Sim's response}
Respy retd to the Qr Mr Genls Office. Crane is surely necessary at Charlotte where the guns are rolled from one car to another {because of the gauge and company change}, but I have directed enquiries into its necessity & hope in a few days to report. In this city the guns are loaded from the ground -- a much more difficult job & if a crane is erected anywhere it should be here. I have requested the Supt at Columbia to run cars through to Charleston {ie run the Charlotte & South Carolina RR car through on the South Carolina RR, rather than transfer the guns when the guns went from one road to the other} until I had time to make some definite arrangement with them.
F W Sims  Maj & QM
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register