NA, QMR 7/22/1863

Richmond Va., July 22, 1863
Letter from Maj Williams Engineer reporting progress in repairs of South Anna Bridge C. RR. Va. {Virginia Central RR}
Col. J. F. Gilmer
Refd to Maj A. H. Cole for attention & reply.
A C Myers  QM Genl
Resply returned to Qr Mr Genl on the 20th four wagons & teams were sent from Hanover Junction & on the 21st Maj. Archer sent five wagons & teams suited for hauling timber from here making 9 teams in all the RR Co only asked for eight.
A. H. Cole Maj & Insp Genl
Respectfully returned to Col Gilmer Chf Engineer whose attention is invited to the endorsement of Maj Cole QM showing the number of wagons sent to haul timber to the S. Anna Bridge on C. RR.
A. C. Myers  QM Genl
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register