NA, QMR 4/15/1863

Raleigh N. C.
April 15, 1863  
Enclosing a letter from W J Hawkins Prest Raleigh & G{aston} RRd relative to the transportation of Govt freights and the assistance he proposes to give in connection with other roads and the rates to be paid. States the action he has taken and desires instructions sent him to this place.
Major C. S. Carrington
April 28, 1864. Resply submitted to the Sec of War for his information. I have instructed Major Carrington to accede to the rates proposed by Mr Hawkins to on the Rail Roads referred to, until further orders of he Secretary are received or their permanent rates are agreed upon with the RR Companies. A. C. Myers, QMGenl.
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register