NA, QMR 3/21C/1864

Savannah, Ga.       By telegram
March 21st 1864
Refers to 4 lots of bacon as sent & ready for sending. Wants instruction for transportation last 2 lots from Col Sims. Refd by C. G.
Maj J L Locker
22 Mch/64. Retd to C. G. I venture to suggest that bacon is being shipped from Ga. much faster than means of  transportation will justify. With large amts en route from N. C., 2 lots from Savannah will displace all car room that can be spared for next 2 weeks with safety to other supplies of army. No large accumulation of any one article should be permitted, to exclusion of others ??lly necessary to existence of army. A R Lawton QMG
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register