NA, QMR 3/19/1864

March 19th 1864
In relation to construction put by Col. L. Smith on tern "govt rates" (in order of Sec of War that teams on Piedmont RR should be furnished with forage at govt rates). Encloses paper of Capt Roberson asking instructions as typical of forage for Piedmont RR Co.
Lewis E. Harvie  {President, Piedmont RR}
17 March/64. Rates contemplated by order were clearly schedule rates because furnishing a reasonable & rates ??? of cost. No reference was had at time to tithes, but if they have been furnished under that order they must be regulated by like rates. J. A. S.
19 March/64. Retd to Capt Robertson, Danville, Va, who will be governed by endorsement of Sec of War & will furnish copy thereof to Capt Myers. WF Alexander Maj &c
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register