NA, QMR 12/6/1862

Richmond Va., December 6, 1862
Asks to be relieved of the charge of transportation of Ordnance Stores, and that it be assigned to the QM Dept.
Ordnance Department (Col. J Gorgas)
QM Genl for report
Jas A Seddon Sec of War
Dec. 12, 1862
Respectfully returned to the Secretary of War. The Ordnance Messengers referred to here have always materially interfered with transportation upon the rail roads. I was not aware that they had been appointed by the Chief of Ordnance, but supposed the Secretary of War had directed the employment, otherwise I would have applied for their removal. I have therefore no objection to present to this application of the Ordnance Department.
A. C. Myers QM Genl
Dec 16, 1862
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register