NA, QMR 11/25B/1862

Richmond Va
November 25th 1862
Refers to QM Genl a letter addressed by F J Sampson Genl Frt Agent R&D RRoad {Richmond & Danville RR} to C G Talcott Supt of the said road, complaining that the several Departments send freight to be loaded after five oclock in the day and thereby keeping his men up from 9 to 11 oclock. Is willing to do it if necessary but if not, asks that orders be issued to prevent it.
Capt Mason Morfit
Respy referred to the Commissary General and Chf of Ordnance who are requested to have transportation orders sent in all cases with freight and that the stores be delivered as far as practicable in the day time. A C Myers QM Genl
Respectfully referred to Major Claiborne for information. It is not believed that he ever send freight late in the day when it can be avoided. S B Northrop CSG
I send not freight by the Danville Railroad Company early or late. The receipts by the Road are always removed promptly upon notice, removed all in the Depot last Sunday morning. The prompt energetic work of Freight Agent Sampson has always met a hearty concurrence from me. ? H Claiborne Major & CS
I have sent orders to Majors Stansbury & Donne to comply with the suggestions as far as possible. J Gorgas Col & Chf of Ordnance
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register