NA, QMR 10/14C/1863

Richmond Va., October 14, 1863
Wants Augustus McKay Co F 4th La Regt detached for duty on the Ala & Tenn River RR an application was made and a detail was ordered by Secty of War 6th of August last but has unaccountably never ?? perfected.
Maj F. W. Sims
Approved & respectfully forwarded to the A Gen.
A R Lawton  QM Genl
Resply retd thro QM Genl to Maj Sims
By order Sec War  Nov 9/63
Respy refd to Maj Sims. His attention is called to the endorsements.
By order  J B Hugo Maj
Nov 10/63
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register