NA, QMR 10/13E/1863

Richmond Va., October 13, 1863
Returning communication of Maj J. L. Locke C. S. complaining of the frequent losses of things by RR Cos and suggesting in view of the condition of cars &c that a lenient policy be pursued, only in cases of flagrant neglect.
Maj F. W. Sims
Resply retd to Maj Sims. The views herein presented are clearly correct. While such considerations should always be regarded in determining the responsibility of Rail Road Cos for lost property, it would be inexpedient to announce in advance any generous rule on the subject. Each particular case should be investigated and determined upon its own merit and with due regard to the circumstances which so seriously affect the ability of the Roads to transport freight securely.
A R Lawton  QM Genl  Oct 16/63
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register