NA, QMR 10/12/1863

Richmond Va., October 12, 1863  {Date received by QMG}
Refers letter of Lt Jno H. Packer Desires a number of old & useless Balto & Ohio RR cars now on various RRds to be turned over to Navy Dept to convey coal to Charlotte N. C.
Secty of War
To QMGenl for Maj Sims to consider & reply.
J. A. S. Secty
Oct 9/63
Resply forwarded to Maj Sims for report as above.
By order QM Genl
Resply retd to QMGenl. Everything of the character noticed in the letter must be saved for Piedmont RR
F. W. Sims  Maj &c
Resply retd to Sec of War whose attention is invited to endorsement of Maj Sims.
A. R. Lawton
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register