NA, QMR 1/13/1863

Jackson Miss January 13, 1863
Mining operations proceeding satisfactorily, but want of transportation retards shipments. Thinks bacon can now be supplied. Made purchases of sugar & molasses, former at 5 to 10c and latter at $14 to $15 per bb. Is much encouraged to purchase as large quantities are detained owing to lack of transportation and having no storage. Are wasted pilfered and also damaged by exposure. 60 000 bu corn exposed to weather has spoiled. Plenty of sugar molasses bacon & beef can be had if it could be shipped.
Lt. Col. W. A. Broadwell
Office C. S. S. Richmond Va Jany 22d, 1863
So much of the within letter as refers to deficient storage and lack of transportation is respectfully referred to the Qr Mr Genl with the request that if possible, some remedy may be supplied.
S R Northrop CGS
Entry in Quartermaster General's Letters Received Register