NA, P 6/27/1863

Richmond Va
June 27th 1863
Col. A. C. Myers
Qr Mr Genl
   As asst Quartermaster on the Piedmont Rail Road, I was instructed to furnish transportation and Quartermasters Stores of various sorts to the Road at cost to the Government. In the 4th qtr of 1862 and the 1st & 2nd qtrs of 1863 there are some items of transportation upon which I have not been able to get the weights, rates or distance transported, and there are also some items of property, the exact cost of which to the Government I have not been able to ascertain.
   This is the class of property which I received from officers, most of which they in turn had received from other officers and are therefore as ignorant of the cost of it as I am.
   As I have received an appointment as Captain of a Company of Engineer Troops and am ordered to report for duty without delay, and as I now only lack these rates and cost prices to close my accounts as Asst Quartermaster previous to resigning I now submit the matter to you for instructions on the subject with the suggestion that I and some other officers or officers in the Quartermasters Department here in Richmond be authorized to fix the rates and cost prices upon all such transportation and property respectively.
   I will add that the amount of such transportation & property is so limited and of such a class that the difference, either way, will be very trifling, either to the Piedmont Rail Road Company or to the Government.
Very Respectfully
Wm. R. Johnston
Capt & A. Q. M.