NA, NO&O 1/1/1861

Jackson Tennessee
Nov. 1st 1861
Hon Milton Brown  {also President, Mobile & Ohio RR}
Presdt N. O. & O. R. R.  {New Orleans & Ohio RR}
Dear Sir,
   The whole length of the incompleted portion of the New Orleans & Ohio R. R. is just 14 miles requiring 1400 tons of iron rails, 7500 chairs and 500 kegs of spikes.
   The distance from the present terminus, at State Line, to the Nashville & Northwestern R. R. is 10 miles. This distance finished would make a complete rail connection between Union City & Paducah. To complete the ten miles will require 1000 tons rails
5500 chairs @ 48 cts each say 50 $2750.00
375 kegs spikes @ 6 cts per lb 3375.00
and to complete grading, purchase balance cross ties, tracklaying &c 5000.00
   There is seven miles of the road bed ready so that if the rails, chairs & spikes were delivered we could commence at once & lay down the rails without any delay.
J. J. Williams
Chf Engineer