NA, NOJ&GN X/XX/1862

Office of the New Orleans Jackson & Great Northern Rail Road
To Messrs Hurt, Ford & Co.
   The permission shown me by you from Genl J. C. Pemberton to ship cotton over this Road in violation of Laws passed by the Confederate Congress and Approved May 21st 1861 and April 19th 1862 making it unlawful and fixing penalties of "forfeiture of the goods," impressment and a fine in addition equal in amount to the value of the same is not a peremptory order or is the article a military necessity or munitions of war neither is it the property of the Confederate States. Our company will not therefore violate the law except by the Express Order of the Secretary of War and then the parties shipping must pay the freight in advance (Five dollars per Bale) and give ample security to hold the company harmless in case of a prosecution before the Courts for the violation of the said Acts.
H. T. Ramey
{Filed with the above letter}
In the fifth line insert in the letter given to Messrs Hurt & Ford "in Confederate money or" and
P. S.
   The above firm is authorized to transport their cotton delivered to them by virtue of the above stipulations referred to over the N. O. Jacks & Great Northern Rail Road, not to interfere with the transportation of public stores. The amount of goods purchased by the different departments will determine the amount of cotton to be transported. The cotton to be shipped from the Port of Ponchatoula.
J. C. Pemberton
Lt. Genl. Com.