NA, NOJ&GN 11/28/1862

Office of the N O J & G N R R  {New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR}
Canton Miss Nov 28th 1862
Lt Genl Pemberton
Comdg at
   I have just recd notice that our passenger & other trains of cars & Locomotives have been detained at Jackson by your orders and that the whole of the Road & its appointments have been seized by your orders. The city of Jackson is not one of our Regular stations at that place we have neither wood or water for the supply of our Locomotives & if they are detained at that point the regular working of the Road will be prevented, Genl. Pemberton.
   Must recollect the confusion & delay caused by officers commanding Regts Stopping the trains at Jackson. When Gen Villipri??s Brigade was transferred to Camp Moore a detention of four days being caused under over Management, This Road has promptly transported all the troops & munitions of war from the day of the evacuation of New Orleans by General Lovell up to last night when troops brought up the road to this place after ??? (nine?) oclock at night were promptly returned to Jackson before two this morning.
   As stated on a former occasion to your adjt Genl Major Waddy if we are left undisturbed by the Military authorities we can and will as we have                  always done transport without delay troops & munitions of war & I now give you full notice that we will not be responsible for accidents & damages which must occur if the Military authorities take the control of the Road Whenever therefore you take possession of this Road you must employ the Engineers & workmen Also provided the fuel & all the necessary Rail Road supplies to work it, as I shall {end of page; next page not in the Archives}
{Signature page missing, but filed with the papers of H. J. Ranney, President of the RR}