NA, M&WP 1/23/1862

President's Office

Montgomery & West Point Railroad Company
Montgomery, Ala., January 23, 1862 
My Dear Sir,
   In the Richmond Examiner of the 20th I notice their coupess. is Engaged in considering the propriety of aiding in the completion of certain lines or Rail Roads and amongst them the line from Montgomery to Jackson. I hope this is so -- and that the small amount which will insure the speedy completion of this important line will be granted. Two hundred thousand dollars of aid now given would complete the whole line within this year, except the Bridges across the Alabama River at Selma and across the Tombigbee at Demopolis, provided we can buy the Iron in this country for the 72 miles not yet provided for, and which I am disposed to believe might be provided if the Govt would call for the Building or completion of the line as a military necessity. I know of Iron in Augusta and in New Orleans which for such a p?? might be procured.
   The Enclosed will at a glance show the progress of the ??? Line of Roads from Montgomery to Meridian and from Meridian the line on to Vicksburg has been in operation for more than a year.
   But to ??? you up fully, I will take up the Line in detail, beginning at Montgomery
Western Rail Road from Montgomery to Selma
44 miles long
   Since the 1st day of January, I have set out to contract this road, the grading of which is to be done by the end of the year.
(with $100,000 of aid from the Govt to enable me to by the Iron provided I can get it. I can have the Road done by the 1st day of April 1863. (except the Bridge on the Alabama River ??? perhaps by the end of the year.
The Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Rail Road
   Extending from Selma to a place called New York on the North East & South West Rail Road.
79 miles long
of this Road --
   44  miles from Stern to a Station within 7 miles of Demopolis is completed and the 7 miles to Demopolis will be completed by the 1st of April as the Road is all graded and the Iron on hand ready to lay down. So that 51 miles may be considered as completed.
Leaving of this Road only 28 miles to Build, on which they have a large force at work and Gort Griffin the President assures me that if he could raise $100,000 to Buy Iron for this 28 miles and could get the Iron, he could have it completed by the 1st day of October.
The North East & South West Rail Road from New York to Meridian 18 miles long will be completed by the 1st day of March 1862.
   With these lines completed and the Road from Danville to Greensboro in North Carolina, we should have another perfect line of interior communication with Richmond & the South ??? Between Montgomery & New Orleans & Vicksburg we should have an interior route more ??? than any now in operation.
{end of the document in the Archives. Charles T. Pollard was the Montgomery & West Point RR President}