NA, M&O 9/30/1861

The Confederate States, For Fort Morgan
To Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co



Application Cost

Sept 10

For 1350 Bars RR. Iron, 263 tons @ $33 per ton {about 55 lbs per yard; about two 1/2 miles long, both rails} Construction of RR at Fort Morgan from Fort to advanced batteries 8670.00

   "   30

For 40 Casks R. R. spikes, 6000 lbs @ 7c pr lb.

   Received Mobile Sept. 30 1861, from Capt F. H. Lockett Corps of Engineers, the sum of Nine thousand and nineteen dollars and --- cents, in full payment of the above account.
A. F. Irwin
M. & O. R. R. Co.