NA, M&O 9/23/1861

Northern Division Superintendent's Office
Mobile & Ohio Railroad
Jackson, Tenn., Sept 23, 1861
Maj. Genl. Polk
Dear Sir,
   I have seen the "General Order" no 24 dated Sept 13, 1861, containing a list of those "entitled to transportation" & those not entitled. But an important practical business question arises about which I am in doubt -- which is who are authorized to give transportation passes? In other words, who are authorized to give transportation tickets which when taken up will be recognized as vouchers against the government? We have agreed, you know, to transport for the government at half price, which is merely the actual cost, but we are required in all cases to present the transportation tickets taken up by us as vouchers. This renders it important to know who are entitled to give these tickets. You will confer a special favor by sending me a statement of the officers whose papers shall be respected.
Most respectfully
Milton Brown Prest
Mobile & Ohio R. R. Compy