NA, M&O 8/3/1864

Office Mobile & Ohio R. R.
Mobile, Aug 3d 1864
Maj B. F. Jones
A. Q. M.
Care of Maj W. J. Anderson
   When Sherman made his raid on this Road in February last, a number of the Freight Cars belonging to this Company were left on the Sidings above Meridian. Some of these cars were out of order, and others could not be removed because the whole available Motive power was being used in the transportation of Government Stores which were in danger of being captured by the enemy.
   All the Locomotives belonging to this Company had been sent south of Meridian, and those belonging to the Southern & Selma Roads to McDowell's landing so that the enemy had no motive power to move the cars with, if they had captured them.
   A detail of three privates were sent by order of Brig Genl M. H. Jackson to destroy all cars found in sidings above Meridian, and twenty eight (28) were destroyed at points the enemy never reached.
   I respectfully ask that an investigation be made of this matter and the facts be laid before Genl Bragg.
Very Respectfully
Your obt Sevt
L J Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt
{on back of document}
of so much of Inspection Report of Major B. F. Jones A. Q. M. as relates to claim of Mobile & Ohio R. R. from report of Inspection of officers etc at Meridian Miss (August 14/64)
   Major Jones states, "I also enclose you, herewith, a letter from L. J. Fleming Genl Supt. M&O R. R. asking for investigation in regard to destruction of rolling stock on the Mobile & Ohio RRd."
   "It does not come within the pale of my instructions to grant his request, but refer his letter and proceedings of Stockholders meeting of said RR to which your attention is invited."
   The investigation is asked, by Mr Fleming, on the grounds that twenty eight R. R. cars were destroyed, by orders of Brig Genl W. H. Jackson, at points never reached by the enemy, and that, even if the enemy had captured this rolling stock, there was no means of moving it.
Respectfully submitted to the Secty of War with report and papers referred to.
By order Genl Cooper
C McRae Seopty AAst IG
Sept 17/1864
For enquiry on ??? & remarks
JAS  19 Sept 64
Richmond Sep 27, 1864
Respy returned to AMG. This property was destroyed by order of Brig. Gen. W. H. Jackson and as he may throw some light upon the subject would suggest that the papers be referred to him for such information as he may be able to give.
F. W. Sims
Lt. Col. & Q. M.
QMG Sept 30, 1864
Respectfully referred to Brig Genl W. H. Jackson (Army of Tenn) with the request that he give any information in his possession bearing upon the claim
A. R. Lawton