NA, M&O 7/4/1864

Office Mobile & Ohio R. R.
Mobile, July 4th 1864
Lt. Genl. S. D. Lee
Comdy Dept Ala, Miss & E. La.
   The Track north of Okolona, which has been so hastily repaired, is now in very bad conditions and it is necessary to place a force of repair men on it, or we must stop running Trains over it.
   Sergeant Jas. O. Abbot of McLendons battery is an experienced hand, and fully competent to superintend a section of Repairs and I, therefore, make application for his detail for this duty. I understand that the men comprising that Battery have been assigned to other Commands, but Sergeant Abbott is still in Demopolis.
   I make this application because it is impossible to obtain men outside of the Army with the requisite experiences to perform the duties efficiently.
I am Genl.
Your obt Svt
L. J. Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt
{on back of letter}
Office Chief of Artillery
Meridian Miss July 5, 1864
   The named Battery is stationed at Selma on ??? duty. The greater part of the men are on detached duty with Besltaman in the charge of those, Sgt Abbot can be detailed with detriment to the service.
J. ??ford
Maj & Chief of Artillery
Meridian Miss
July 8th 1864
Detail approved for Thirty (30) days
By order of Genl Lee
P. Ellis Jr.
A. A. G.