NA, M&O 7/25/1864

Office Mobile & Ohio R. R.
Mobile July 25th 1864
Lt Col F W Sims
Chf of R. R. Bureau
   I have been advised that there is some probability that Maj LeBaron will be relieved of the duty of auditing and paying Rail Road accounts.
   Please say to the Quarter Master General that he was ordered to the performance of this duty upon the request of the {Mobile &} Great Northern Rail Road & this Company, in consequence of the great difficulty & delay in the settlement of accounts prior to his appointment. He is now familiar with the duties, and his removal will again create embarrassment & delay in the settlement of our accounts.
   Please say to the Quarter Master General also that this Company has not been paid for several months, and as nearly our whole earnings are for Government transportation, and the large expenditure and small receipts consequent upon the Sherman Raid have made it necessary to borrow money to pay the expenses of operating the Road.
I am Colonel
Your obt Sevt
L J Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt
   The enemy tore up about three (3) miles of track & destroyed a few pieces of trestle work in the recent raid.