NA, M&O 5/7/1862

Corinth May 7th 1862
Colonel H. Oladowaski
Chf Ordnance
   I have sent an engine down the road this morning to take down any guns, ordnance stores, or other Government property which may have been left at stations by reason of the failure of cars. The very hard service to which the machinery has been subjected here, without the necessary shops here, or time to send it to Mobile for repairs is having the inevitable effect of causing a great many of the cars to break down on the road.
   I will be obliged to you to advise me again of any delay in sending your stores forward, on the ??? of our agents, and I will take the most summary way of carrying it. 
Very Respectfully
L J Fleming   {Superintendent, Mobile & Ohio RR}
Chf Eng &
We are very much in want of material for brasses. Have you any block tin or old brass I could purchase?