NA, M&O 4/11/1862

Richmond Miss Jtawamba County
April 11th 1862
General G T Beauregard
   I take the liberty of making a special request of you to permit the transportation of one hogshead of sugar from Humbolt to Verona on the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road It was bought at Memphis for the volunteers wives & children in the 3d Police district of said County & ask permission to transport about 15 barrels of molasses as bacon is very scarce & they can be fed cheaper on molasses or at least we want them to have some of both articles I have been appointed Commissioner by our Board of Police to attend to procuring supplies for the families of soldiers & they are complaining about sugar & molasses if you can safely grant the request it will be remembered as a great favor
Yours most respectfully
G. W. Stovall
PS the sugar at Humbolt is G W Stovall
Verona Miss