NA, M&O 10/27/1863

Hd Qrs Okolona Miss.
Oct 27th 1863
Special Order No.
   Ordered that Capt. Thos. Crider as civil & military Engineer shall assume the general control & superintendence of the repairs of the M&O R. Road {Mobile & Ohio RR} from this place to Tupelo. He will urge forward the necessary work as rapidly as possible; and will use any material belonging to the M&O R. Rd for purposes of repair, to be found near, or along said track. He will make requisitions upon Quat Masters for necessary transportation of men, tents and material and cause to be kept an exact time table of all labor performed; a list of all laborers, implements and beasts impressed; and all expenditures for the work done and he will report to me.
R. V. Richardson
Col Comdg N. E. Miss.