NA, M&GN 5/XA/1861

   Statement of Entry of Rail Road Iron, fishing plates and bolts, at the Custom House at Pensacola for the Mobile & Great Northern Rail Road imports in the Bark "Comet" T. C. Stogess Master from London England to wit
1947 Bars Rail Road Iron  {roughly 5 miles of track, both sides}   1025,500 R
1884 Fishing pieces   29,034  " 


Kegs bolts   10,304  " 
  Entered for Warehouse December 24th 1860    
  Invoice Cost


       "       Charges




  Dutiable Value in Dollars   12335.75
  Rate of Duty 24 pr Ct. Amount of Duty   2960.68
   The Rails, Fishing pieces and bolts were withdrawn from Warehouse for consumption and the Duty on the same paid at the rate of 24 pr Ct. During the month of May 1861.
   I Joseph Sierra Collector of the District and Port of Pensacola, Do hereby Certify that the {bottom of page, back not filmed}