NA, M&GN 12/9/1862

Office Mobile & Great Northern Rail Road Co.
Mobile, Dec 9th 1862
Major Gen J H Forney
   Our engines and cars are becoming disabled by reason of the wearing out of the ?oss boxes of the trucks of the same. One of our engines is now laid up on this account.
   I know of no source other than the government power which to obtain the material to render help for supplying our wants in this subject, and I have therefore to ask of you a requisition on the ordnance officer of this department for two hundred pounds of block tin to be paid for by this company.
Your obt Sevt
Wm D Dunn
{on the back of the letter}
Hd. Qrs Dist. Gulf
Mobile Dec. 9th 1862
Refd to Capt. Myers Depot Ord. officer for report
John H Forney
Maj Genl Comg.
I can furnish three two hundred pds at cost price $2.50
Henry Myers
Capt & Ord Officer
Capt. Myers
The transfer is approved
John H. Forney
Mg Genl Comd