NA, M&C 8/20/1861

Tuscumbia Ala  20th Agst 1861
Genl L. Polk
Dr Sir,
   Mr Bettis representing himself as regularly authorized by yourself to inspect the mails on the Memphis & Charleston R Road came into the mail car at Stevenson Ala, over which I had charge and I refused to let him have anything to do with the mail unless he could show me proper authority from Post Master Genl Reagan. As a sworn officer of the Government I felt this to be the only honorable course open to myself. I have been in the habit for some time past of sending all mail matter directed outside of the Southern Confederacy traveling west to the Memphis P. O. and all traveling east to Richmond Va. I desire to do nothing but what is right and I feel bound to carry out the instructions given by the Post Master General.
Very Respectfully
Wm H. Poindexter
Route Agent M&C RR